Friday, October 5, 2007

Crtical Look at Proposition

The editorial, “No more hiding from folks in Texas,” is an opinion about a new proposition that will vote on during the next state election in Texas. This proposed proposition 11 calls for a popular vote, to decide weather or not to allow individual citizens accesses to voting records of the state Legislature. As the law stands now there are currently no way for the average vote to know how his/her elected official has voted on certain issues, or as the author states, “there is no accountability in place”. Truthfully I agree with this proposition, a certain anonymity in government is always a good thing, but not the way Texas has hidden behind its poorly written constitution. State and local officials are in a position to affect our lives in a lot of ways our federal government can’t. We as a state elect our officials based of promises they make or ideals they have, and we should expect them to vote accordingly. Accountability is seems to be the primary focus here and as voters we should come to expect nothing less

The author of this editorial does a good job stating their opinion and adds a few facts to help bolster his arguments to vote yea of this proposition. I would agree that past resentment to this sort of law is in line with Texas’s “I don’t want to change” attitude add view this as a great step forward in a freedom of information age


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